Rodgrod all year round!

In the 60’s, I was growing up in a Scandinavian Community in New City NY. My parents came from the Old Country (Denmark) and when the rhubarb and strawberries and raspberries were in season, we would boil the fruits down in a great big pot, add sugar and continue to cook it until the fruit pulp became somewhat gelatinous. This Danish Dessert (Danske Desserter) was called rodgrod med flode pa, Red gruel with cream on it. A wonderful spring time tradition that we cherished every year. When we got a little older, suddenly my mother found the Junket Danish Dessert Pudding in the stores and we were so excited that we could each rodgrod all year round!

Of course, home made was the best, but Junket Brand was really good too. When we served it after dinner, it was customary to pour heavy cream on top an spinkle a little extra sugar on it to because the homemade stuff was not quite as sweet as the Junket brand, but both were so so good.
More then 50 years later, unable to find it in the stores I finally went online and I will be ordering some more. My kids can’t get enough and to the owners of Junket Rennet Custard, thank you for continuing in this one childhood memory.
I have already told my Danish friends and they too will be buying it.
Thank you again and again.

— Debora

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