The most marvelous magical refrigerator

My brother and I thought our maternal grandmother, our Nana Chisholm, had the most marvelous magical refrigerator. I don’t ever remember going to visit when raspberry Junket was not in it. Today, 50 years after her death, raspberry Junket remains a favorite with me. Of course, now I have to make it, because the magic refrigerator is long gone. I cannot buy it in any of the local markets, so I am very happy to have found it available online.


I remember the distinctive flavor and color of Danish dessert

I remember the distinctive flavor and color of Danish dessert, yet it has taken me most of a week to remember what we called it. Now I’d like to make my favorite childhood meal for my grandkids [chicken & rice, and Danish dessert]. Do you know if this product [mix] available in the Kansas City area?

— Nancy

Not one of them forgets the flavor

I have purchased Danish desert in stores and specialty shops for many years. Now it has doped out of sight. No one stocks it any more. I have served raspberry Danish dessert to many groups in my home and not one of them forgets the flavor, and if they are to be in the next group to meet they ask if I will have Danish desert Now, that says a lot about it.

— John

It was my favorite of all desert

I remember having Danish Desert when I was a child. It was my favorite of all deserts. I remember there was one that had two flavors together. One was currant with what other flavor I can’t remember. I was very happing to find this web site. I looked up Junket on a whim and I am glad I did.

— Carol

Fond memories?? The fondest memories!

Fond memories?? The fondest memories! My family has had several conversations over the years lamenting the junket era gone by. I was so overjoyed to find Danish Dessert on my grocery store shelf today. I immediately raced down the isle to look for Junket Fudge Frosting not realizing it was called “Hansen Island Fudge”! Now that I’ve checked your website I’m anxious to get back to the store to get the fudge. Mom used it to frost her chocolate cake and we’d always sneak the frosting without eating the cake underneath. It was such a treat! I can’t wait to savor the taste again. The Danish is in the fridge right now…can’t wait until tonight. Thanks so much.

— Anonymous

Junket was a staple in our home

A friend suggested I check out your site because she knew I had a copy of the book “Junket is Nice” that was mentioned by “Judy”. It was given to me in 1935 by my sister for a birthday present. My husband recently read it to a first grade class at Essex Elementary School and the students loved it as much as we did as children. My father had ulcers like Ellen- Jo’s dad so Junket was a staple in our home, especially the custard version- Danish dessert was for more special occasions. I have a recipe for the ice cream but need to check on one of the ingredients before passing it on.

— Mellicent

A family favorite was called Strawberry Bars

Growing up in North Tonawanda, NY, just outside Buffalo, my mother would bake a cake every Saturday in case we got company on Sunday. A family favorite was called Strawberry Bars, which had strawberry Danish Dessert on top with strawberries, and the bottom crust was this wonderful, yummy cookie-like dough that I believe had sour cream in it. I thought my sister had the recipe, but she doesn’t. I bought the Danish Desert here online, and was hoping someone had that recipe. The recipe is from the late 60s or 70s. A web search did not turn up anything like what I recall. Thank you!

— Diana

Help Diana find her recipe! Send it to yourstory@junketdesserts

Rodgrod all year round!

In the 60’s, I was growing up in a Scandinavian Community in New City NY. My parents came from the Old Country (Denmark) and when the rhubarb and strawberries and raspberries were in season, we would boil the fruits down in a great big pot, add sugar and continue to cook it until the fruit pulp became somewhat gelatinous. This Danish Dessert (Danske Desserter) was called rodgrod med flode pa, Red gruel with cream on it. A wonderful spring time tradition that we cherished every year. When we got a little older, suddenly my mother found the Junket Danish Dessert Pudding in the stores and we were so excited that we could each rodgrod all year round!

Of course, home made was the best, but Junket Brand was really good too. When we served it after dinner, it was customary to pour heavy cream on top an spinkle a little extra sugar on it to because the homemade stuff was not quite as sweet as the Junket brand, but both were so so good.
More then 50 years later, unable to find it in the stores I finally went online and I will be ordering some more. My kids can’t get enough and to the owners of Junket Rennet Custard, thank you for continuing in this one childhood memory.
I have already told my Danish friends and they too will be buying it.
Thank you again and again.

— Debora

So glad that we can still get it!

My Mom’s father was from Germany near the Danish border. We always had Junket Danish Dessert (at the time it was Raspberry-Current flavor) at the holidays and still do. I introduced it to a friend of mine many years later…now just Raspberry flavor…and on a trip to Belgium she had a dessert that she said tasted just like Danish dessert only with another flavor added to it. I suggested “currents” and she was matched what she had tasted exactly! Now that I’ve seen your website we’ll have to try out some of your recipes as well! So glad that we can still get it!

— Sandy