Enjoy the story of Flibbity Jibbit and the Key Keeper.  Join in on the adventure to find the key to the King's Rennet Custard Cabinet!  His party won't be the same without that Rennet Custard! 
Does this bring back memories? 
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Junket Memories....
I am very happy today!!  For years and years I have been searching used book shops for a copy of Flibbity Jibbit.  It was my favorite book as a child and the first book I remember.  The book was published 9 years before I was born so we didn't have a copy at home but my favorite aunt had a copy on the bookshelf in her living room and that was the first place I went whenever I visited her.  Neither I nor her daughters could remember what happened to the books when Auntie moved.  Recently, I was looking on-line for another out-of-print book and stumbled on a rare book shop in Canada.  On a whim I searched the site for Flibbity Jibbit - they had a copy!!!  The problem: it was $249.95 (Canadian).  A little too much for a childhood memory.  But . . . I noted the publishing information, entered it into my search engine and found the Junket Foods website and the readers' stories.  What did they mean "Thank you for reprinting Flibbity Jibbit" I asked myself . . . back to the top of the website and there he was, in all his glory - I clicked on Fibbity and there was my story, ready for me to print and save.  A small thing to bring such a big smile to an aging lady's face.  Like the others, I say, "Thank you for reprinting Flibbity Jibbit!!!!!"
Barbara Jo Finch
When I was a child my mother always gave us Junket custard for desert and snacks.  I loved to talk a lot and my older cousin one day, while reading me the story of Flibbity Jibbit and the Key Keeper, decided I was a Flibbity Jibbit and that was my nick name for some years.  I was so pleased to see the book on your website and I have emailed the URL to both my mother and my cousin. 
I have not had Junket since my kids were young but I will stop at the grocery store tonight to see if I can find it and make it for desert. Thanks for some great memories.
Jane (aka Flibbity Jibbit)