Thank you for writing in with your fond memories of Junket Desserts.  If you would like to share your story write in to
M.R. ...
What is summer without home made ice cream!  When my brother and I saw our mother get out the Junket tablets we knew that we were going to have ice cream.  We would take turns cranking and cranking and didn't think it was ever going to get hard.  Oh what a treat when it was done!


When I was 5 or 6, living in British Columbia, Canada, I remember my mom buying packs of Junket custard from time to time.  I'm pretty sure it was the raspberry flavour. It was one of my favourite treats! Then it disappeared and no one else I have talked to in my adult life seems to remember it. Every once in a while I would do a little search to see if it surfaced again, and today I was poking around on the net and lo and behold.. JUNKET!  Of course I will have to order a case, for memories sake!

As a child growing up in Little Falls NJ in the 40s and early 50s, my mother would make for my sister and me our favorite dessert:  Junket!  She made it even better by putting a little piece of cardboard on the top; the cardboard had a happy pumpkin-like face cut out; and she sprinkled nutmeg through the openings so that when the cardboard was removed, the happy face remained!  That was a delicious dessert and is a very happy memory of mine!
Thank you!
As a kid growing up in West Orange, New Jersey, I was a real Junket girl. When I was old enough, I’d make it for myself the minute I got home from school. My favorites were Raspberry and Vanilla (in that order). I usually found myself unable to wait for the Junket to set, so I would drink the first bowl straight away. As I was a growing girl, I couldn’t get enough. Once the remaining custard was set, I would eat all of it! When I had plans to visit my grandmother in upstate NY, I would remind her to stock her cupboards with Junket beforehand!!
My Mother was a very smart lady when it came to using her culinary skills as a bribe for better behavior of her four kids. In the early 1960's, we were promised two dishes of Junket every night after dinner (raspberry or banana) if we were good kids during that day. There were degrees of punishment, with penalties ranging from a half dish to both full dishes taken away for being not so good during the day. I remember quite distinctly the satisfaction of having a two dish raspberry night. 
Glen Elyn, IL
My Mom’s father was from Germany near the Danish border. We always had Junket Danish Dessert (at the time it was Raspberry-Current flavor) at the holidays and still do. I introduced it to a friend of mine many years just Raspberry flavor...and on a trip to Belgium she had a dessert that she said tasted just like Danish dessert only with another flavor added to it. I suggested “currents” and she was matched what she had tasted exactly! Now that I’ve seen your website we’ll have to try out some of your recipes as well! So glad that we can still get it!
In the 60's, I was growing up in a Scandinavian Community in New City NY.  My parents came from the Old Country (Denmark) and when the rhubarb and strawberries and raspberries were in season, we would boil the fruits down in a great big pot, add sugar and continue to cook it until the fruit pulp became somewhat gelatinous.  This Danish Dessert (Danske Desserter) was called rodgrod med flode pa,  Red gruel with cream on it.  A wonderful spring time tradition that we cherished every year.  When we got a little older, suddenly my mother found the Junket Danish Dessert Pudding in the stores and we were so excited that we could each rodgrod all year round!
Of course, home made was the best, but Junket Brand was really good too.  When we served it after dinner, it was customary to pour heavy cream on top an spinkle a little extra sugar on it to because the homemade stuff was not quite as sweet as the Junket brand, but both were so so good.
More then 50 years later, unable to find it in the stores I finally went online and I will be ordering some more.  My kids can't get enough and to the owners of Junket Rennet Custard, thank you for continuing in this one childhood memory.
I have already told my Danish friends and they too will be buying it.
Thank you again and again.
When I was 9 years old, 62 years ago, my family moved to Levittown,N.Y. We moved into a cape cod rental unit.  The kitchen was on the front right side of the house with a door on the side going into the kitchen.  I remember after playing outside in the yard, going into the kitchen through that side door, my Mother would let me hang around long enough to smell and sample what she was making for dinner and as always taste the banana Junket she had made for dessert.  Once served, the family quickly made it our favorite dessert and YES, MOM put sliced bananas in it.  Most of all, I  I remember the wonderful texture of that final step in the meal sometimes difficult to keep on the spoon but, wonderful when you finally made It to your mouth without a mishap, searching  through the Junket to get to the banana slices (fun for a  9 year old boy) now finished our dessert.  I am now 72 and these memories are as fresh in my mind as if they were only hours old.  FYI we later  bought a ranch hone on Prentice road and MOM continued to make us JUNKET.  It is available in IOWA so I'll continue to be a customer for as many years as GOD allows.  Thank you for everything. 
I remember Junket because it was my sister's favorite dessert - Raspberry!  Sometimes she would actually drink it before it was done.  I also remember a jingle from the 50s  -  "Junket Rennet custard, the growing up dessert!"
Irene B. 
Long Island
Growing up in North Tonawanda, NY, just outside Buffalo, my mother would bake a cake every Saturday in case we got company on Sunday. A family favorite was called Strawberry Bars, which had strawberry Danish Dessert on top with strawberries, and the bottom  crust was this wonderful, yummy cookie-like dough that I believe had sour cream in it. I thought my sister had the recipe, but she doesn't. I bought the Danish Desert here online, and was hoping someone had that recipe.  The recipe is from the late 60s or 70s. A web search did not turn up anything like what I recall. Thank you!
Diana L.,
Long Island, NY
Help Diana find her recipe!  Send it to yourstory@junketdesserts

A friend suggested I check out your site because she knew I had a copy of the book "Junket is Nice" that was mentioned by "Judy". It was given to me in 1935 by my sister for a birthday present. My husband recently read it to a first grade class at Essex Elementary School and the students loved it as much as we did as children. My father had ulcers like Ellen- Jo's dad so Junket was a staple in our home, especially the custard version- Danish dessert was for more special occasions. I have a recipe for the ice cream but need to check on one of the ingredients before passing it on.
Mellicent Hawke, Essex CT
My brother and I have such wonderful childhood memories. I remember our mother making your wonderful Junket in these great green glass goblets she got in a box of laundry detergent back in 1955. We each have one of those glasses in our homes, displayed with pride and great memories of Junket! When it arrived, I got out the old glass and made a batch of strawberry Junket. The very first mouthful brought back a wave of great memories, when our parents were young and times were great! Thank you for still making this great product. You have made my day.
Randy Stricker
East Meadow, NY
Fond memories?? The fondest memories! My family has had several conversations over the years lamenting the junket era gone by. I was so overjoyed to find Danish Dessert on my grocery store shelf today. I immediately raced down the isle to look for Junket Fudge Frosting not realizing it was called "Hansen Island Fudge"! Now that I've checked your website I'm anxious to get back to the store to get the fudge. Mom used it to frost her chocolate cake and we'd always sneak the frosting without eating the cake underneath. It was such a treat! I can't wait to savor the taste again. The Danish is in the fridge right now...can't wait until tonight. Thanks so much.
I remember having Danish Desert when I was a child. It was my favorite of all deserts. I remember there was one that had two flavors together. One was currant with what other flavor I can't remember. I was very happing to find this web site. I looked up Junket on a whim and I am glad I did.
Carol Rath
Carol & Norm...
Hi there, My husband and myself, were talking about Junket Custard. Our mothers would custard up a storm. I'm from a family of seven children. It was good desert. A penny went further in those days and we all had full bellies. My husband Norm also could remember their full bellies. We were talking about it tonight wondering if you still had your product? Computers are wonderful things!!!! I would like if we could find out if there is a retailer for your product in Canada? Sincerely, Carol & Norm
After possibly 55 years, I am reunited with Flibbity Jibbit! When I was a little girl in the 1940's, I remember very well having the little book at my Grandmother's house. Well, we got home without the book. I think we even returned to Grandma's house within a few days to search for it, but it was gone. I always feared that Granddad had tossed it into the wood burning stove without a thought that it was mine or of any importance. The book was gone. For years, when I happened to be at an antiques show, I would carefully look through old cookbooks and paper memorablia, but no Flibbity Jibbit. Then the internet came, and ebay became an easy place to look for such things. Still no Flibbity Jibbit. I am in the midst of cleaning out my elderly father's home prior to putting the house on the market, and no, no precious book has appeared. But I was searching for some china and crystal identification online, and once again decided to look for Flibbity Jibbit. And here he is! I realize that I had been searching for Jello brand advertising, not Junket - which I do remember very well - and I had been creative in spelling Flibbity Jibbit! But here he is and now I can share him with my grandaughter! I look forward to being able to print the little book. THANK YOU for preserving my childhood memory!
Caroline in Virginia
I have purchased Danish desert in stores and specialty shops for many years. Now it has doped out of sight. No one stocks it any more. I have served raspberry Danish dessert to many groups in my home and not one of them forgets the flavor, and if they are to be in the next group to meet they ask if I will have Danish desert Now, that says a lot about it.
John Samuelson
I remember the distinctive flavor and color of Danish dessert, yet it has taken me most of a week to remember what we called it. Now I'd like to make my favorite childhood meal for my grandkids [chicken & rice, and Danish dessert]. Do you know if this product [mix] available in the Kansas City area?
Nancy Swartz
I used to put vanilla junket into wine glasses and use food coloring to make them different colors. The kids loved them (broke a lot of glasses - from 5 & 10). Too bad I can't buy it around here! Barbara Shea
My all-time favorite dessert as a child was a banana pudding (or ice cream) that my great-grandmother made and put in metal ice trays to freeze. It had bananas mixed in it. I have looked for something similar for years but haven't been able to find it. I think the Junket was banana flavored, but I'm not sure. This would have been about 1950, and my grandmother died a few years later. I would love to be able to make it now!
Jeanne West-Freeman
I remember having Junket Rennet Custard when I was sick, as it must have been very easy to digest. My mother always made me Junket or My-T-Fine pudding as a treat, when not much else would stay down!
My brother and I thought our maternal grandmother, our Nana Chisholm, had the most marvelous magical refrigerator. I don't ever remember going to visit when raspberry Junket was not in it. Today, 50 years after her death, raspberry Junket remains a favorite with me. Of course, now I have to make it, because the magic refrigerator is long gone. I cannot buy it in any of the local markets, so I am very happy to have found it available online.
Brockton, MA
My Grandmother gave me Junket when I was a little girl and made it for me often. To this day it is one of my favorite things to eat. Everytime I eat it I go back in my mind to being a little girl ... and feel close in spirit to my late grandmom. Julie Rocco
My family wasn't really well off when I was growing up, so we never had dessert. Suddenly junket custard became available around the clock in my household. (Raspberry was my favorite). It is only now I realize that my father had terrible ulcers and could only eat certain foods, Junket being one of them. I'm grateful that getting a treat of Junket is the predominant memory I have of those stressful days.
Thank you,
Ellen-Jo Lancey
I was so happy to finally find Danish dessert again for my husband. He remembers it as a child and I used to buy it on the grocery store shelf but I can no longer find it. When I ordered it all I saw was the raspberry flavor and now on this website I see you also have strawberry. Is there any place you know of locally you can buy it. The postage is outrageously high. We live in Frankfort Indiana.
My toddler daughter loved Junket Custard Dessert. We moved from PA to MI and she missed her favorite dessert because it was not available here. For many years my mother and sister sent me (care packages) of Junket. Now it is available here so I can purchase my own. We love your product.
I remember eating junket as a child growing up in Pennsylvania. I now live in Texas. When I married in 1958, I purchased a wooden tube of the Rennet Tablets with the intention of making junket. I must have made it twice because when I recently came across my wooden tube, sealed in a baby food jar, there were only 10 tablets in it. I think I will give them a try and see if they still work.
The word 'Junket' evokes mouth-watering memories for me. And before I forget... WHY is it not sold anymore?? It was the most delicious 'company' dessert my sister & I ever had as children. One sunday after church, my mother invited a missionary couple back for lunch. To my sister & myself, this meant only one thing. JUNKET! I'm sure the people were lovely & interesting, but we recall nothing about them...other than we all ate strawberry Junket for dessert. We always eagerly looked forward to whenever missionaries would visit the church & hoped fervently Mom would have them over. See what a role Junket has played?! Nothing since, has had the same consistancy, nor taste, nor created a longing for such a desert. Thank you Salada of yore, & whomever the company is today.
Karen V. of Mission B.C.
While looking at a catalog today I saw an ad for 4 quart hand crank White Mountain freezers ($149.95). In the 1960-1970 era our kids thought it was a special treat to make ice cream w/Junket chocolate, vanilla or strawberry mix, and there was always a serious discussion to decide who would have the 1st chance to lick the dasher. We had a general store in Sealy Texas; the freezers sold for $13.95 and Junket was about 15 cents/package. Thanks for the wonderful memories.
Melvyn Levine
Every once in a while a memory of Danish Dessert flits through my head, though I confess I'd forgotten the name. I could rmember our mother serving us small bowls of a smooth, fruity, deep red concoction that we regarded as an alternative to Jell-O. It was, I think, a bit more expensive than Jell-O, which is why we didn't get it often, and we were always reminded by our mother that it was a special treat. Then in a box of Red Rose Tea I found an advertisement offering a discount of 50% off my first order of Junket products. Still looking for bargains 60 years later, I examined the ad and immediately saw the photos of Danish Dessert boxes. At that point it all came back, even a textural sensation of how Danish Dessert felt in the mouth. So, please, send me the promised 50% off coupon, and thank you for reaching out.
Don Rice
Yes, indeed, there are memories of junket desserts. I remember mom making a rennet custard (which I also did for my family, but which no longer seems to be available). The junket desserts are wonderful - tasty and light. I just add raspberries or strawberries and it makes a wonderful dessert or pie. There is NO binder for these fruits that outdoes junket desserts. I am unable to find them in Albuquerque, so my daughter found your website and passed it on to me. Now I will be able to have them on hand all the time. I'm so very glad to have a source for these light, tasty desserts again. A little bit of whipped topping, sometimes a light bit of chocolate syrup drizzled over the topping, and it can't be beat!!
Mary Kollander
Danish pudding is a childhood memory. The rasberry pudding was served to me as a child at my Grandmother's house, covered with cream or whipped cream. I loved it; we also ate Junket custard desserts. At age 61 I find I wish for the foods of old. I was so happy to find your site. Is Junket stilll sold in any stores?
Anne Low
As a child during the 40's, Junket was my favorite dessert. I can remember my mother making it for my brother, sister, and me when we could afford extras. Oh how delicious it was. Over the years I had almost forgotten about it, but from time to time it would come to mind and I'd check grocers asking for it, but with no success. And then I'd forget again some time later by another followed memory flash and a renewed search, to no avail. This sequence continued for at least 20 to 25 years. Can you imagine my surprise as I was leafing through the Aug./Sept. issue of Reminisce Magazine when right off of Page 41 jumped out at me the word, "Junket". It was an article on "Ads From the Old Days", and there at the bottom of the ad was the name of the manufacturer in very, very, fine print. I wasted little time locating the magnifying glass to recover the name. And even less time in placing a phone call this morning for an order of several cases. So finally after almost 60 years I am going to taste junket again. I can hardly wait the 7-10 days for delivery.
Thank you, thank you,
George C. Virgin
My husband, Loren, is 73 years old and his favorite dessert has always been Danish Dessert since he was a very little boy. For most of our married life (52 years) I was able to buy Danish Dessert in a supermarket but 8 or 10 years ago it disappeared. I tried to find it in supermarkets for several years---looked everywhere as we traveled around the USA in our RV---almost gave up--- but about 5 years ago, I finally went online and tracked some references to Redco and got a phone number. I called and was able to order a case and have it sent. Now, 5 years later, I am able to order 2 cases online in less than 5 minutes. How great is that??
Carla Terzich
J. Olivia...
The first time I remember my mother giving me Junket Rennet Custard, I was about three years old. At three, I could never remember what it was so I called it water pudding because there was always a little watery puddle in the bottom of my bowl. 63 years later I know it's name but still call it water pudding because of the wonderful memories of my mother and the special treats she made.
J. Olivia McDougald.
I'm 53 years-old and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Junket was always in the fridge waiting for us as a snack or dessert. The Junket was always made in special glass bowls. My favourites were the orange flavour and the chocolate. The chocolate one always had a thin layer of darker dessert at the bottom, which we could see through the glass. The trick was to eat down as closely to that layer as possible without breaking through it, saving that extra chocolatey part for the very end. I also remember my Mother telling me about Flibbety Jibbet. But until I saw the story on your web site, I couldn't remember the story. I am so excited to find a source for Junket. I have moved from Toronto, and though it may be available down there, I have not been able to find it in Gravenhurst, where I now live. The gift boxes are going to be going to a lot of people for Chirstmas. And I am going to print the recipes on special paper and enclose them with extra rennet tablets for my "foodie" friends so they can try their hands at making their own cheeses, along with my own homemade, handmade "artisanal" cheese.
Thank you Junket, for all the fond memories and future fun,
Jude Gerstein
Hi there, just found this site... I love it!!! I have very fond childhood memories of sitting by the fire eating Junket that my Aunt would make... YUMMM, it was the plain but sweet and made with Goat's milk... Linda in Canada Yes, I remember Junket…. It was my favorite dessert……. My mom used rennet tablets to make cottage cheese also, but what I remember is the pudding…. It was thin and watery and I loved it anyway…. I didn’t drink milk because I didn’t like it and that was how she got me to have milk…. Junket pudding. I didn’t know there was a mix to make it until recently when my cousin and I were reminiscing about foods from our childhoods…. She used to make it from a mix……I “googled’ it and came up with the web site! Alice... As a child we would always have Danish dessert. My father was born in Denmark. I didn’t know that the product was still available.
Way back when we were children we remember orange flavored junket. It was my brother's favorite. I am trying to duplicate it but until now, have not been able to. We used to still find it on the grocery shelves, but now, with so many products, they no longer carry your product. Recently, I purchased some vanilla and chocolate from you but am trying to flavor the vanilla with his favorite, ORANGE. Isn't there anyone that can help me as to what I may substitute or change to accomplish this? I would like so much to surprise my brother with a favorite from our past. Any suggestions you may be able to pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Sandra Vaccaro
I would love to find out if anyone has a recipe for homemade vanilla icecream made with junket tablets. My grandmother used to make it in the 1950's and it was the best.
I remember as a kid ,I am now 52 so it was some time ago, but my mom would make 8 servings of orange or lemon Junket. I would eat all 8 before my two sisters came home from school. I am very surprised to see that some flavors are still available; I do wish i could get orange and lemon. I would be your best customer. I think that Junket is better than ice cream and any other dessert available today. You should promote and expand your market. You're missing the boat.
I didn't know you still sold this dessert; I saw an article in Reminisce Magazine. My late mother, Helen Zucker, tried to provide desserts even though my father barely made a living. But she served Junket (either chocolate or strawberry) and we loved it. From a family of 5 growing up in the fifties.
Phyllis Zucker Singer
My two brothers and I grew up in the 50’s in Demarest, New Jersey and we all looked forward to Junket for dessert. I moved to Las Vegas in the 70’s, and the only way to get Junket was to go back home and get some or have my mother send me some. Then, some years later, I was very surprised to find the Junket tablets in my local supermarket, but it was never the same to have to add your own sugar, flavor and coloring. Then they disappeared. I haven’t seen the real custard mix in years, even back east. Then, along came the internet, I finally learned how to use it, and there it was – available to order on line. But where are LEMON, ORANGE and MAPLE, which were my favorites? I read all the letters from Junket lovers, and was surprised that no one mentioned those flavors. I am going to order vanilla and raspberry, though. P.S. I went through the same thing with Mallomars, too, for years, but Las Vegas’ stores have finally wised up, and I can now get them here.
I have never made Junket myself, but growing up I had a good friend in middle school who I thought was so grown because she cooked hotdogs and spaghetti O's on the stove and she followed that with a dessert called Junket. It was great! Is this available in grocery stores in NJ? Donna
I am a 52 year old restaurant owner in Maine. I went online to find Junket for my mom-aged 78- and myself. I was the middle child in the sixties who didn’t like Jello so much. My Dad was a school teacher and we didn’t have much money, but my parents were raised with the-- protein—starch—vegetable-- dinner routine for the family. I thank my mother daily for this. The reward for this routine was always dessert. Sometimes it was Jello w/ whipped cream, sometimes it was graham crackers w/ butter and cinnamon, sometimes it was my grandmother’s award winning recipe for chocolate cake w/ butter cream icing. My favorite was always strawberry Junket. My Dad died last October and my mom moved in with my family. We follow the protein—starch---vegetable-- routine ourselves. The one thing my mother mentioned the other day is she couldn’t find Junket anymore…….I want her to find it at my house!!!!!! Thanks for still making it. Thanks for having a web site where I can get it delivered to my house.
Most sincerely (thanks for my childhood),
Janet Susan Berry
I have made low-fat or fat-free ice cream using your mix. I tried it with my soy milk, and it was good, but a bit like ice-milk. Instead of milk, using egg substitute, which is mainly egg white, makes a creamier, smoother "ice cream." However it does need a strong flavor added to it as the egg substitute flavor needs to be overwhelmed.
This was my favorite dessert growing up. I could not find the recipe and was hoping it was on your site. I hope others will be able to enjoy this recipe!!! *Crumb Mixture 2 Cup Flour ½ Cup Brown Sugar 1 Cup Margarine *Whip Mixture 2 Packages Dream Whip 8 oz. Cream Cheese 1 Cup Powdered Milk *Junket glaze 1 Package Junket 1 ½ Cup Water Frozen Fruit (we use raspberries) 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice *Crumb 1-Mix flour, brown sugar, and margarine like a pie crust. 2-Bake in a 9X13 pan at 350 for 10 minutes. 3-Let cool. *Filling 1-Whip dream whip.(Follow instructions on package) 2-Add cream cheese, and powdered milk. 3-Spread whipped mixture over ½ crumbs (reserve remaining 1/2 for topping. *Junket Glaze 1-Cook junket with water, fruit, and lemon juice. 2-Spread junket glaze over the whipped mixture. 3-Sprinkle the rest of the crumb mixture on top. Refrigerate til serving.
I moved to Indiana from my native Puerto Rico in 1976 with a baby daughter and a husband. By 1979 I had 2 more daughters and a friend had introduced us to the most wonderful dessert in the world: Strawberry Delight. It soon became the favorite in my household for every birthday and holiday including for my husband who wasn’t a dessert person. By 1984, I moved to California and couldn’t find the Junket product anywhere over here. Everywhere I traveled I would roam through grocery stores to no avail, although never forgetting about your product. Today making but another search in the internet since we are having a birthday party for the fine young man that is my daughter's boyfriend, I found my beloved Danish Delight!!!!! It only took 25 years!!!! I hope I still remember how to ‘fold the fruit in’ and to make ‘the perfect Graham cracker crust’, as my girlfriend advised. I will write back with our experience as soon as we eat the whole pyrex full!!!!! Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memory!!!!
Thoreau Marta Ortiz- Rodriguez
I am 50 years old and remember the great times eating homemade ice cream. My parents on holidays would make ice cream for the friends and family on these hot days in So.Cal. What a great time it was. It has been a year now since my parents passed away and they taught me before how to make this frozen treat. So for Memorial weekend I decided to make ice cream. I got all the ingredients but for the Junkets. Could not find them anywhere, I drove all over the county looking for junkets. Then I remembered when we cleaned out my parents house that my wife packed a box of Junkets and brought them home; to my surprise they were still in that box. This weekend we will have that ice cream & have my Mom & Dad to thank for having the Junkets. I will be orderig a couple of boxes to have the next time.
So. Cal
Hi Little Miss Junket ~ I'm so glad that I was able to find your products on line, and was able to order plenty, as summertime is here. Today I'm making my first batch Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, for this summer, just like we use to do when I was a little girl. My Mom and I would mix up all the fixins and put it in the freezer, and my Dad and my brother would crank, and crank, and crank, til it was ready. Of course us little ones always wanted to try, but it was always too hard to turn. We would always say to our Dad, "Hey Dad, when this freezer breaks, can we buy one of those electric one, and my Dad would always don't taste the same, unless you crank it by hand!" And you know, I think he is right! ;o} Any way, we have used the same recipe for a very long time. I can remember making ice cream when I was around 5 or 6, and now I'm 57, and still using the same recipe. My Dear Father passed away in 1985, and my Dear Mother passed away in 2006, so I'm making ice cream today, in their honor, and get lots of brain freezes to boot!!! LOL Happy Memorial Day . . .
Kind Regards ~ Karen L. Hammonds
Growing up in Central PA, my mother frequently made the Junket Danish Dessert for us kids. She loved it and my brother, sister and I were fascinated the color, consistency and taste. My sister and I frequently reminisce about Mom's obsession with the Danish dessert. As an adult, I discovered the ice cream mixes - to my mind the best taste and value around. Unfortunately the ice cream mixes are hard to find and the custard darn near impossible. On the increasingly rare occasions where one of us finds it, we purchase all we can and contact one another immediately. I have lately been searching everywhere for the ice cream mix to no avail. Just this morning I talked to my mom to see if she had seen it anywhere and she complained about not being able to find her beloved Danish dessert either. Well, I hopped right on the internet and was overjoyed to find your site with all of our favorites. I immediately placed an order and can't wait to surprise my Mom. Thank you Junket for the memories and continuing enjoyment of your products!
I do not have any unusual story, only that dessert at our home was usually something simple and Junket in all flavors and Danish Dessert were some of those desserts. Until I made it myself I didn't realize the importance of the right temperature and letting it stand for 10 minutes until it firmed up a bit. As long as you make it, I will eat it. I've been eating Junket as long as I can remember and I'm 66 so I would say surely as long as 60 years. Yum!
Joy Kramer
P.S. Junket is impossible to find unless I go to your company and order it directly. I enjoyed when I used to call and the same woman answered the phone several times. Makes me think of a small business, but I would imagine you really are not that small.
When I was growing up, Mom used to make Junket for us and it was always a very special treat. When I married in 1978, I made it for my family as well until it disappeared off the store shelves many years ago. After my mom passed away in 1989 at the age of 59, her many other dessert secrets went with her. Feeling nostalgic today, I Googled Junket and low and is sold online. Ah, the marvels of modern technology...will take me back to my childhood and Mom's comfort food if I can figure out the website!
Yes, this does bring fond memories. This product was known by a different name when I was growing up. It is the same product and tastes just as good as then. We use the fudge on chocolate cakes. It makes a wonderful icing for cakes and cupcakes. It is easy to spread, it is easy to dip cupcakes and it is easy to clean up because we lick every pan and spoon clean! This is one of the first products that we were allowed to learn to "cook" as kids. Mother made the cake and we would take turns spreading the icing. The sad part is that the cake stayed in the house only about two days and then it was gone - yummy! Thank you for a quality product. I am not sure that I could ever make a chocolate cake without this product. It just would not be worth it.
Peter and Ellen...
I am a retired US Army Officer. As a young child in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1940 - 1957 our next door neighbor, Mrs. Jensen, used to make a Danish Layer Cake (five layers) which included Junket Danish Dessert as one of the fillings. The Jensen family had strong ties to their Danish heritage so the cake was appropriately named. The cake was a favorite of the neighborhood and became one in my family also, as Mrs. Jensen taught my mother how to make it and gave her the recipe. Later while I was serving in the Army, 1961 - 89, my mother passed the recipe and knowledge for making the cake on to my wife. My wife has made the cake around the world (Okinawa; Fort Sill, OK; Fort Sheridan, IL; West Germany; and Washington, D.C.) during our military service and she continues to make it today. (Texas and Oklahoma) In the most recent preparation of the cake (2008) it was provided for a silent auction fund raiser for the Eisenhower International School in Tulsa, OK where our grandchildren attend school. It sold for $40.00. During the history of this cake we had to make arrangements for the materials to make the cake as they are not always readily available in the grocery stores. In the early period my mother would send us packages with the necessary materials but After she passed away we had to scour the area we lived in for the cake materials among them the Junket Danish Dessert - Raspberry (Strawberry flavor could also be used but we preferred Raspberry). Finally, here in Texas we started ordering it from REDCO Foods, Inc. about three years ago, and now we are ordering directly from Junket on the web site.
Peter and Ellen Zielenski
New Braunfels, TX
My first recollection of Junket was when I was about 12 or 13 and visiting a friends house for the weekend. His mom fixed what she called "rennet" but it was Junket for sure. I rapidly fell in love with it and remember begging my mom to buy more. She did and I've lived happily ever after since that day. That was in 1955, I am now 65 and still enjoy your wonderful products on a weekly basis. Of course my favorite is chocolate but now and then strawberry and vanilla. Actually I intend to try your ice cream, which I just saw on a package insert in my Red Rose Tea box. Speaking of Red Rose Tea, I have been using that for the last 20 years without realizing it was also one of your products. I have a cup of tea daily, rain or shine, and enjoy starting my day with a "cuppa". Interestingly enough, I have been collecting the little ceramic figurines inside each box and have quite a collection of the little critters. I use them in a couple of interesting ways. I go canoe camping twice yearly with a group of old friends; we have done this for the last 40 years and look forward to many more trips. One of my buddies also drinks Red Rose, having been introduced to it from me on an earlier camping trip. We often bring duplicates to trade and keep our collections up to date that way. However, with the duplicate figurines I try and leave half a dozen or so in little nooks and crannies around the campsites, figuring that some fellow camper, using the same campsite, will find them, I like to think kids would be a likely discoverer as I usually hide them low to the ground. Another use of the figurines is in my hobby of "Geocaching" a recent hobby of mine in which you get your GPS and input coordinates and "find" a geocache. Geocaches always have a notebook and enough room to "take one out put one in" small objects, often listed on your report on finding the site. Of course my favorite things to leave are the figurines I get in Red Rose Tea! Amazingly enough, I have even found others with the same idea and often find your little figurines in the geocache box. Hope you enjoyed my little history with your products....keep 'em coming, we all love them!
Bill Case
I am 63 years old and one of 5 children. When we were growing up in the 1950s, we were not well off and my mother cooked on a coal-fired stove. We had an ice box, but no refrigerator. Despite these drawbacks, our mother was an excellent cook. Every meal was healthy, hearty and delicious and most meals included a dessert. Your Junket (rennet-custard) dessert and Danish dessert were both especially popular with us. A few years ago, my younger sister and I were reminiscing about some of our childhood foods, and she had remarked about her inability to purchase your dessert items in her locale. Well, I surprised her with a mail order package of your goodies from your web site and she was quite delighted. Presently, I live in the mid-Hudson valley and we are able to purchase these items locally, so my wife will occasionally make these desserts for me as a special treat. Please don't stop making these items, these are part of many a family heritage. I don't recall the story of Flibbity Jibbet being read as a child, but as a retired elementary school librarian, I feel it is a fun story to read. When we have grandchildren, it certainly will be part of my reading repertoire, especially after we will have shared a tasty Danish dessert or Junket dessert. Thanks again for a fine product.
Edmond Spaeth
Going back to around 1935-1938 -- yes, there are still some of us around that long -- I have fond memories of a picture book whose title may have been The Junket Man, though I'm not sure that was the title. It was hardcover, with a red cover and was oblong (approx. 8" x 14"), opening with the long side horizontal. It was about a little boy on a (red?) tricycle who saw a crowd of people gathered around an old man with a long (red?) beard. When the little boy got up close to see what the old man was doing, he was EATING JUNKET. The illustrations were delightful line drawings, mostly in black and white, with touches of red, if memory serves me. These are vague recollections, but our family had a copy of the book for many years. It disappeared some time ago and I've never been able to track down a copy. If anyone else remembers it I'd like to be in touch. (
Junket was the ultimate comfort food. I remember getting it as a treat when I was sick. I had the chicken pox at age 5. I then gave the chicken pox to my uncle, who was 21 yrs old at the time. He got really sick. I however was thrilled to find more junket in the fridge. Since I was now better and he wasn't, I got in trouble for eating his junket. It was worth it. Now I'm 56 and he's 72.
Hello, my story is not too exciting, but here it is: I’m 52 and had vague, vague memories of Flibbity Jibbet and loving the book as a little girl. Finally I found a copy in excellent shape online and now own it. My older sisters were astounded and it brought back memories to them also.
Thank you,
Kay Meredith Dusheck
I remember my mom making Orange Rennet Custard for the family, but particularly for my Dad when he was sick, which, in turn, resulted in us children being "sick" more often than usual, as we all loved it. Bonnie, Lisle, NY Anita... I still have the Flibbity Jibbit & Keykeeper book; I'm not sure exactly when it was published, but it is soft bound. As a child, I loved reading it, over and over again. I also loved Junket custard, which my Mom, now 82 years old, made for the family often. Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful memories I have of Junket custard, and Flibity Jibbet & the Keykeeper.
I am 68 years young and I remember helping my mother make Junket ice cream on special occasions. That brings back some fond memories. I had no idea that they were still being made.
Eileen Longley
I was reading the 1933 World's Fair "Official Guide Book" and saw the ad for Junket on the back. It brought back memories of the wonderful treats my mother used to make when I was a kid during the '30s and '40s. I asked my wife if she remembered Junket, but she is younger, and I guess missed that treat. I'll be looking for the Junket brand in the stores. Junket makes milk into delicious desserts! Dick Harold
I have been searching for this Junket custard mix since I was about 25 years old. I am 85 years old and just now located it in the Remininsce Magazine. I will be trying it soon! It was our favorite many years ago and hope it is still the same.
Richard King
Fond Memories After reading the memories, it brought a tear to my eye. I lived in Little Falls for 20 years and fondly recall meeting my grandmother in front of your factory. We had bag picnic lunches on the little green iron bench on the grassy knoll overlooking the waterfalls and enjoying the trees, birds, squirrels and smells coming from across the street. Then we'd go over the old draw-bridge to the south side and walk along the old canal towpath past the Erie Canal and the old row houses. When we first came to Little Falls we had 7 relatives living in one of the old rowhouses until my uncles went off to war and we saved pennies until we could move to better accommodations. We'd go along the towpath heading toward Herkimer, through the woods, and at long last took a right turn toward the Canal. When we finally got there it was like many, many very tall hills of sand filled with Little Falls Diamonds. We'd spend the day, and many more during my 20 yrs, digging in the sand finding diamonds of all shapes and sizes, which I have to this day, 63 years later. I'll always recall fondly these memories and eating your products...what a treat. Was so glad to find your site after all these years. Thanks for the memories..
Junket is one of the most fabulous desserts I have ever had. I grew up in New Jersey and my mother has been making it for my sister and I since we were little. 29 Years later.. living on my own in NYC it’s so hard to find it around here… you would never think! Every time I go home to NJ to see my parents I stock up on Junket!!!! We only had the raspberry, chocolate and vanilla growing up in my house ( that’s all the shop by my parents house carried) and now I just went online to see the strawberry. I cant wait to order some online. LOVE the vintage packaging too.
Jessica Roth
My family have been making a German Red Tart Cherry pudding using raspberry danish dessert for many, many years. The custom of having it as a refreshing dessert after Christmas dinner originated in Hamburg Germany before WWII. (Rote Gruetze means red pudding). We make the pudding more of a less thick sauce consistency and add canned tart cherries. We top it with fresh whipped cream. It is delicious and EVERYONE looks forward to having it (but only once a year on Christmas!).
My mother was a very good cook, but one thing she made when we were children, was Beef Stew. We hated it, but we had to eat the stew & then we could have dessert, which was of course Junket Custard. My father, a couple of weeks before he died, asked me to make him some junket. I used to put the dessert cups in a box (so it wouldn't move), and ride over to my sister's house, where my father lived, and I continued for 2 weeks, making it everyday, & he enjoyed it so much....he said it reminded him of his mother, who used to make it for them when they were little, which was about in the 1920's. I'm so glad I made the Junket for him.
Margaret, NY
Bruce and Char...
My toddler daughter loved Junket Custard Dessert. We moved from PA to MI and she missed her favorite dessert because it was not available here. For many years my mother and sister sent me (care packages) of Junket. Now it is available here so I can purchase my own. We love your product.
Dear Junket Folks, I am 72 years old and have been a Junket lover all my life. Yesterday morning I got your Danish Dessert out of my cupboard and started preparing it when I thought of Flibbity Jibbit and how I loved that little book when I was very young. When I had my first child my mother came across the battered remains of that old book and gave it to me. I read it often to my two children (and fed them Junket at frequent intervals) until it finally fell apart. Over the years I had often thought about it and wondered if I could get another copy for my grandchildren. For some reason I could not get it out of my mind and mentioned it to my daughter. She gave me a funny look and told me that a few days before she had thought about it and tried to remember what the story line was about. She remembered the pictures and that it was about a duck and a key. After much futile "Googling" it finally occured to us to go to the source. I cannot tell you how I felt when I found the book in its entirety on your website and when I showed it to my daughter last she was so emotional she had tears in her eyes. She went home and let her daughter read it. That daughter will be having a child in August and I cannot tell you how much I want to get Flibbity Jibbit for my great grandchild. Do you have it for sale? If not, do you know if there is any other source? Please let me know. Many thanks...
I remain your loyal customer,
Trudi Pierce
I remember the story of Flibbity Jibbit. My brothers and I searched high and low for it after our parents moved but never found it. One brother just sent me this sight and finding the story was a great reminder of my childhood. Thank you so much for reprinting it.
Patricia Lannon
Hi. 50 plus years ago my Danish immigrant grandparents made Danish dessert, for me and my family and at all get togethers, which was Junket raspberry with pure cream poured over it. I still taste it to this day and was so happy to find your site. I am going to make it as a surprise for my siblings to bring back the wonderful memories for them. Can't wait to see their faces and hear their comments. My grandparents passed away in the 70's so it's been that long. Thanks for the memories.
John Donovan from Carpinteria, CA
My Grandmother gave me Junket when I was a little girl and made it for me often. To this day it is one of my favorite things to eat. Everytime I eat it I go back in my mind to being a little girl ... and feel close in spirit to my late grandmom.
Julie Rocco
Years ago I can remember my Grandma using Junket. She would make the ice cream as a treat in the summer; chocolate was always my favorite. The care she would take in making something so simple for her family...she would take the time and make the version of ice cream without the ice cream churn. I would say Grandma, is it ready yet... And we would go to the freezer, you know the kind that were on the bottom of the refrigerator and check to see if it was "finished yet". The anticipation was overwhelming as a child. But I knew by dinner time the ice cream would be ready to eat.. So I always made sure I ate everything on my plate so I could have a scoop of my Grandma's ice cream. Oh how I remember the raspberry dessert she would make as well. WOW what memories. Now that I am grown and have grandchildren of my own I will use the same recipes that my Grandma used when I was a child.
Dorothy Wolf
I went online today feeling very nostalgic for Junket - a dessert that I cannot locate in any store, expecting to only find an historical reference to it! I will order some asap, now that I have found your site!
There were 10 of us children, plus the dog, and one bathroom. The highlight of my week was to discover that my mother had made Junket. My son was saying he missed junket; he hadn't seen it in any supermarkets. I looked it up online, and there it was. It will be his fathers day surprise.
Hello, your product holds such a fond memory for me as it was used to unite my grandfather and I during my early years. I am now nearly 50 and the memories I have standing over the ice cream freezer, White Mountain, and watching him crank out the best ice cream in the world will be forever etched in my mind. He always told me that his secret ingredients were "Junket and a lot of love". Thank you very much.
Chris Wolf
In fondest memory of my grandfather - Dr. Carl R. Samuels
As a little girl in upstate New York I remember my mom making Junket for the family, and we were a large one. There was nothing better than that cool slippery stuff sliding down your throat. We all grew up and Junket was never seen again until I ordered some items from Hometown Favorites and while checking their inventory Junket was found again after 35 years. I bought a few boxes and Mom was just as excited as me. We spent the morning remembering when I was a kid and then hit the computer to check out your website and place another order. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of my childhood and more importantly, thanks for making mom smile.
Stephanie Steyer Saugerties, NY
I have enjoyed Junket for !!! years and was sadden when my local store stopped carrying the favored pudding packets. I still have the story book (Flibbity Jibbit by Vernon Grant) that was printed 1943 by Hansen's Laboratory. Thanks for still making it.
Somehow my sister and I got on a nostalgic jag about our dear, departed grandmother and we were reminiscing about all the strange and wonderful foods she used to prepare. We asked each other whatever happened to the Junket that was a staple for dessert in her summer cabin so many summers ago? Just the taste of strawberry Junket evokes the woodsy smell of the place and the bayberry trees. Well, I’ve found it again, and enjoyed a taste of my childhood. There was something so very unique about the texture and flavor of the strawberry junket I favored, that the very first bite put a huge smile on my face remembering my grandma so proudly serving us in her home. So glad I found this product again, and I look forward to many more fond memories as I enjoy Junket all over again.
I was looking through my new issue of Yankee Magazine and saw an ad for Junket Desserts! I almost jumped out of my skin! My Mom used to make it all the time when I was growing up in Johnstown, New York. My brothers and sisters and I would eat it and get our lips in it because it stained them red! We had a ball. We also loved the Junket Rennet Custard - vanilla. It was good, cheap dessert for a family of 7! Also, when we had been sick for a couple of days, nothing tasted better than vanilla rennet custard when we were on the comeback. Also, I never knew it was manufactured within 50 miles of our home! I have placed an order for all of the above and can hardly wait to introduce it to my two girls and granddaughter! Happy days! Hmmm......I must teach my little Molly how to get red lips! Hahahaha.
Linda Oaksford Jurica
Johnstown, NY - still!
Growing up on a farm in the 50s, I remember my mom making the BEST homemade ice cream using JUNKET. We had an old crank ice cream freezer, and the top no longer fit well, so my dad would throw gunny sacks over the top of the freezer (for padding) and we 4 kids would take turns sitting on top of the crank freezer to hold down the top while the others took turns cranking it. When it got too hard for us to crank, my dad would take over and finish it up. We ate it right out of the canister as soon as it was finished. Today I have an electric ice cream freezer, but this is still the best ice cream I've had. When I taste it, I am right back on the farm on a hot summer day. Thanks for continuing to make all your wonderful products.
Peggy Cook
former Iowa farm girl
My son and his wife have been working in BeiJing for the past three years. We have forwarded any number of "American" things, edible and otherwise, over that time. But the request that tugged on my heartstrings the most, was an email from Eric about finally beginning to feel homesick. It was wistful and the message was unmistakable. He asked for "some" packages of Junket - both vanilla and chocolate, one of the things he can't get in China. And one that clearly means "home." Needless to say, the Junket was in the mail in a few days. One more story - funny this time. I boxed the packages for their lo-o-o-o-ng trip. The clerk at the counter saw the address and asked me what was in this very carefully taped and very light box. Choosing to make it simple, I told her it was pudding mix. She stopped for a minute and looked up at me. "Pudding mix? Like what you add milk to? Wow. It never occurred to me that you can't get stuff like that in another country." She typed for another few seconds and looked up again. "You can send it as a parcel and it will take up to three weeks, or you can send it first class and it will take about 8 days." "No contest," I said. The cost of the package was about double that of the contents. Cheap at any price.
Joan Perkins
I love reading these letters from my ‘Junket Compadres’! My favorite memory of this dessert is either strawberry or raspberry, because I was too young to know which was which, yet I knew that it would not last long in the bowl. My little brother and I would be soooo excited when Mom would say there is "Junket" for dessert. My mother would let it set in her beautiful individual dessert glasses with the beaded foot so we each got one to eat. Peter and I would scarf it down in 2 seconds flat! A little while ago, I saw chocolate Junket in the store, but never the kind I always loved. I don’t know what came over me, but this morning I did an internet search and found it – would have ‘over-nighted’ the stuff if it were possible, but ordered 10 boxes to start – 5 in strawberry, 5 raspberry so I could do my taste test. Can’t wait till it comes – and I can’t wait to surprise serve it to my brother and his family. My new anticipation though, is to investigate the rennet cheese, because reading that lady’s recounting of her mother’s Easter cheese pie, has me quite curious! Could she send you the recipe to share with us?
Always thanks,
Our family RAISED on Danish Pudding and Junket. We are desperately looking for copies of the Flibbity Jibbet book...WOWEE-KLAFOWEE a regular word in our family's vocabulary!! Let me know what we can do to get the book!
Many Thanks,
Carolyn Gabb
I just found your web site and ordered. ! I am soo excited. My mothers mom used to make Junket in chocolate when I was a small child. I still remember spooning my dish clean, and always wanting more. Every time I went to her house I asked her for Junket by name. Thanks for still being there. I will be making my own Junket from now on.
Sincerely Yours,
Bonnie Brampton
Like others I remember feeding this custard to my baby sister and stealing every other spoonful for myself. Now many years later my son gave me a yogurt dessert that tasted and had the consistency of the Junket I remembered. I decided to check the internet to see if there was any reference and low and behold it's still being made. I'm going to order right away. Thanks.
As a child, I used to love the Junket that could be bought at the A&P food store. When the store went out of business, I no longer could find Junket. I am now almost 69 ears old. I have been looking in vain for 30 plus years with no luck. My wife found an ad for Junket in a magazine from up north. She ordered some for my birthday. It arrived a couple days ago. I could not wait for my birthday to come. I asked my wife to make up a batch for me. To my delight, it was the same thing I loved as a child. I am glad my search is now over.
Thank you,
Bill Dufek
Hi! My mother used to make a dessert using your raspberry danish dessert pudding mix. She added orange juice to make it more tart then mixed in frozen strawberries. I cannot remember if she put anything on top like vanilla ice cream or whipped cream....... My newer version I call Passion Pudding and it is so hedonistically delicious!! Using your Danish dessert Raspberry Pudding mix as a base , I also add orange juice, although this year I think I will tweak it with tangerine juice. I make at least two batches, when cooled down a bit I add frozen raspberries and frozen strawberries. Meanwhile I am melting in a double boiler chocolate chips, I prefer semi-sweet. When that is warm , I drizzle the melted chocolate in thin ribbons into the pudding mixture. Because the pudding is cold with frozen fruit it hardens the chocolate into thin ribbons swirled through the fruit pudding. NOW I have already made a double batch of vanilla pudding which is cooled down. I have lovely etched glass bowl with straight sides about four inches high. I layer the vanilla pudding with the fruit pudding into a parfait of delight! If I am really ambitious I decorate the top with mint leaves, fresh slices of strawberries, and kiwis. You gotta try this one! Let me know what you think!
Mie Sato
Larchmont, NY
As a kid growing up during the 1950's in Central NY (Yorkville, just outside of Utica), we often travelled east on the NYS Thruway. Whenever we approached Little Falls, we could see the large Junket globe-shaped water tower along the left side - along the Barge Canal. I seem to remember singing a Junket jingle in the car as we rode by. To this day (still living in Central NY and still travelling on the Thruway), I still look for the tower and point it out to the grandchildren now as we pass by Little Falls. I'm glad to have rediscovered your product online. I'm looking forward to receiving the brochure and placing an order in the near future.
Jim Pawlika
Oneida, NY
I remember my mother always using the Junket Rennet tablets to make the homemade cheese since I was a little girl.. Especially during this time of the year because she would make the Italian Easter Pie and she would only make it with the cheese from the Junket box...She tried many times to buy the cheese from our local store but she would always complain that it just wasn't the same as if you made it yourself... she was right!!! My mother has been using your products for many, many years... It always came out so delicious. My brothes and sister we could hardly wait for the Easter holiday to arrive because we knew our mother would be making the cheese to add to the pie...Since then, I have learned from my mother how to make the cheese using your product (as well as the pie). My family now looks forward to this time of the year because it is now my turn to serve the dessert...I cannot tell you how many of my friends can't believe I make this homemade cheese and it always tastes good...and it is so simple to make, too. Just today, my friend asked me about the pie and when I was going to make the cheese because she wanted me to make her the fresh cheese too...I told her I had to order the tablets because I didn't have any left...Just wanted to let you know that these tablets are the best. I was able to get them from my local pharmacy but for the past two years they tell me they are unable to get them...I'm glad I found your website last year and was able to order them directly from you...Although the tablets aren't as expensive as in the stores, with the shipping and handling cost, it may come out to be about the same price. Whatever the cost, it is worth it...
Thank you,
Phyllis Masseria, A long time customer of Junket Rennet Tablets.
I was first introduced to Danish Dessert in the late 60s when my then boyfriend "made" some for me when he was visiting me in CA. He failed to properly stir and heat it to boiling, so it never thickened and was basically hot red liquid. He had brought two packages with him, so later on, I made a batch and followed the instructions. It was love at first taste. I became an avid fan of this tasty treat, and have made it virtually hundreds of times over the years. The boyfriend and I eventually were married (37 years now and counting), had a couple of sons, and now are grandparents. Our boys grew up on Danish Dessert and I usually made two boxes at a time to satisfy everyone. About 10 years ago, I noticed I was unable to find it in any local stores. I pleaded with three of them to place a special order for me, as I would gladly buy it by the case. They all were unwilling to do this. I then appealed to my retailing students and offered them extra credit if they would find some on their visits home (I'm a college instructor). They #1 had never heard of it, #2 were quite taken with my story, and #3 were unable to find any. The Internet was still pretty primitive at this time, but I did a search and found an early blog where someone had posted an 800 number to obtain my favorite treat. I called it and found it was manufactured in Little Falls, NY, only a few miles from the college where I teach, and an even bigger surprise -- my husband, a salesman, called on what was then Salada Foods. Turns out his father used to call on them too -- way back in the 60s, and that's how my husband was originally introduced to it. I now buy it by the case. I have a feeling that someday, if there is ever an autopsy done on me, my entire digestive system will be stained bright red. This little account has just piqued a craving. I'm going downstairs to make a batch right now. Please keep making this yummy dessert, and please, please, please improve your marketing of this item. I know when people try it, they'll LOVE it!
Janice S. Jenny
Howdy folks, On this very day I have finally located the dessert of my childhood dreams. Huntington Beach CA 1972. I was 11 years old. I had earned a litle money and wanted something special as a treat so I went to our local "Alpha-Beta" market and saw for the first time Danish Dessert; it was raspberry. I went home and made it and ate it all by myself, it was THE BEST DESSERT I EVER ATE IN MY LIFE. Some time later I went to the store to get more and never saw it there again. In fact, I could never find the stuff anywhere I looked and I have been looking and looking for over 35 years now. Finally I located it, but not raspberry or strawberry. I have only tried this product one time in my life until today but I have been missing it all this time. I can't wait till it cools!!!
Mark A. Andrews