How do you know if your Junket Products are still good to use? 
Junket Products are known for their classic and traditional appeal.  Because of this, they might stay in the food pantry for a special occasion, and in some cases, be forgotten behind taller non-perishable items.
Ice Cream, Custard, and Danish and Rennet Tablets have a "shelf life" of 24 months.  This means the quality of the product does not start to deteriorate until after 24 months from the day it was produced.
You can find out the day a product was produced by looking on the box. 
For Ice Cream, Custard, and Danish Dessert:
  • Boxes will have a six-digit number on the bottom of the box near the UPC.
  • The six numbers may be on a sticker, or may be imprinted on the box in which case you may have to hold your package up to the light to view the imprint. 
  • The first three numbers represent the day of the year that it was produced (103 would be April 13th).
  • The next two numbers represent the year (a 10 for 2010, an 11 for 2011).
  • The last digit is for internal use. 
  • The shelf life is 24 months from that code.    
  • So this custard would be good until April of 2012. 



  • Instead of five numbers, there are four. 
  • The first number is the last number of the year it was produced, and then the following three numbers is the day of the year it was produced. 
  • In this case it is the 278th day of 2011 (October 5th). 
  • So with a shelf life of two years, these tablets are good until October of 2013.   
So clean out the pantry, and be sure to make delicious desserts with Junket Dessert Products.