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Our Products

Since 1874, consumers have been enjoying Junket Products. These great-tasting homemade desserts are a tradition for many families and are available here from The Junket Folks. Classic Rennet Custard has been a timeless favorite because it’s the basis for quick and easy-to-make delicious desserts; and, as a bonus, its rennet enzyme helps in digestion. Try these wholesome recipes, both contemporary and old-fashioned, for making delicious desserts, ice cream, and even cheese. The nostalgia of Junket products is important for Junket Folks everywhere who want to keep traditions alive, and new Junket Folks who want to start new traditions. 

Our Story

Junket® products are authentic and time-tested, known and loved since 1874. Rennet tablets allow the user to make creamy and delicious custard as well as cheeses from around the world. Our ice cream mixes create memories that you’ll have forever, and help make ice cream the way you like it: plain, in a sundae or a cone, in ice cream cakes or pies, sandwiches or cookies, or some other way we haven’t thought of yet! Our Danish Desserts, made in the style of Scandinavian Rødgrød, allow you to make blue ribbon pie fillings, glazes, and puddings. They bring old-world quality and taste to your table.

Your Story

Send in your comments and pictures and we will add them to our page. We have so many stories about our desserts and how the recipes are handed down from generation to generation, and all the joy and memories our brand brings for you, your family, and your friends. Our brand brings people together every time! Please enjoy our Junket® products, and thank you.