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Jibbon Lebanese Cheese

From our YouTube Channel

Lebanese cheese made with Junket tablets made by Albert Ackel.

Junket Rennet Custard with Judith Deutsch

From our YouTube Channel

Judith Deutsch from JSD for Tea shows you how to make an Almond Rennet Custard using Junket’s Rennet Tablet kit. 

I Tried a Junket Rennet Custard from 1949 and It Was Certainly an Experience

Making It Modern

“In this episode I bring back a vintage custard dessert almost lost to time and then use it as inspiration to make a decadent vegan delight!”

One of my favorite things to eat...

My Grandmother gave me Junket when I was a little girl and made it for me often. To this day it is one of my favorite things to eat. Every time I eat it I go back in my mind to being a little girl … and feel close in spirit to my late grandmom. 

– Julie Rocco

In fondest memory of my grandfather - Dr. Carl R. Samuels

Your product holds such a fond memory for me as it was used to unite my grandfather and I during my early years. I am now nearly 50 and the memories I have standing over the ice cream freezer, White Mountain, and watching him crank out the best ice cream in the world will be forever etched in my mind. He always told me that his secret ingredients were “Junket and a lot of love”. Thank you very much

– Chris Wolf

Junket makes milk into delicious desserts!

I was reading the 1933 World’s Fair “Official Guide Book” and saw the ad for Junket on the back. It brought back memories of the wonderful treats my mother used to make when I was a kid during the ’30s and ’40s. I asked my wife if she remembered Junket, but she is younger, and I guess missed that treat. I’ll be looking for the Junket brand in the stores. Junket makes milk into delicious desserts! 

– Dick Harold

What is summer without
home made ice cream!

What is summer without home made ice cream!  When my brother and I saw our mother get out the Junket tablets we knew that we were going to have ice cream.  We would take turns cranking and cranking and didn’t think it was ever going to get hard.  Oh what a treat when it was done!

– M.R.

My favorite of all deserts

I remember having Danish Desert when I was a child. It was my favorite of all deserts. I remember there was one that had two flavors together. One was currant with what other flavor I can’t remember. I was very happing to find this web site. I looked up Junket on a whim and I am glad I did.

– Carol Rath

Junket was a staple in our home

A friend suggested I check out your site because she knew I had a copy of the book “Junket is Nice” that was mentioned by “Judy”. It was given to me in 1935 by my sister for a birthday present. My husband recently read it to a first grade class at Essex Elementary School and the students loved it as much as we did as children. My father had ulcers like Ellen- Jo’s dad so Junket was a staple in our home, especially the custard version- Danish dessert was for more special occasions. I have a recipe for the ice cream but need to check on one of the ingredients before passing it on.


– Mellicent Hawke

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