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Junket products are available to all retailers and distributors. The retailer decides what products to carry and what products not to carry. They may choose not to because they have limited shelf space and feel that another product would be more beneficial to them in that space. Oftentimes if you speak with a store manager the manager will be able to order a product and stock it in the store through customer request.

Junket has a shelf life of 24 months, then the rennet loses its potency and dessert mixes will not set properly. We emboss or stamp a freshness best by date on each box of our custard, usually found on the top panel of the box.  

It is very important to allow the milk to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It is strongly suggested that you use a candy thermometer when heating the milk for the maximum assurance of the right temperature. The Junket should cool for the proper amount of time, 10 minutes, before chilling.

If the mixture is not heated at the proper temperature, or stirred for only a few seconds or poured immediately into dessert dishes or if the dishes are moved, the setting will be disrupted and a curd and whey texture will appear.

We suggest when using a lowfat milk, skim milk or half & half, add 1-2 tablespoon(s) of powdered dry milk to make the consistency thicker, as if you were using whole milk, and to add back the missing proteins. This will help the dessert to set a lot better. Canned milk and dairy substitutes may not be used at all.




No. Ultra Pasteurized milk will not work. It denatures the proteins necessary to react with the rennet preventing the reaction and causing the custard not to set.

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Junket Rennet Tablets have no allergens.


Milk Powder is only in the Junket Ice Cream Mixes.

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