Thank you for everything

When I was 9 years old, 62 years ago, my family moved to Levittown,N.Y. We moved into a cape cod rental unit. The kitchen was on the front right side of the house with a door on the side going into the kitchen. I remember after playing outside in the yard, going into the kitchen through that side door, my Mother would let me hang around long enough to smell and sample what she was making for dinner and as always taste the banana Junket she had made for dessert. Once served, the family quickly made it our favorite dessert and YES, MOM put sliced bananas in it. Most of all, I I remember the wonderful texture of that final step in the meal sometimes difficult to keep on the spoon but, wonderful when you finally made It to your mouth without a mishap, searching through the Junket to get to the banana slices (fun for a 9 year old boy) now finished our dessert. I am now 72 and these memories are as fresh in my mind as if they were only hours old. FYI we later bought a ranch hone on Prentice road and MOM continued to make us JUNKET. It is available in IOWA so I’ll continue to be a customer for as many years as GOD allows. Thank you for everything.

— Bob

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