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I am so glad that I have rediscovered Junket!

It had been a long while since I had Junket and I had forgotten what a lovely, easy and quick dessert it is. I made it with maple syrup and it was a big hit. I work as a personal chef and I look forward to making various flavors of Junket for my clients as well as using it to make a variety of cheeses. Also, I just started making ice cream fairly recently and will be trying Junket ice cream soon. Your company makes an excellent, easy to use product and I am so glad that I have rediscovered it! Warm regards, – Jennifer
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The most marvelous magical refrigerator

My brother and I thought our maternal grandmother, our Nana Chisholm, had the most marvelous magical refrigerator. I don’t ever remember going to visit when raspberry Junket was not in it. Today, 50 years after her death, raspberry Junket remains a favorite with me. Of course, now I have to make it, because the magic refrigerator is long gone. I cannot buy it in any of the local markets, so I am very happy to have found it available online. — EJF
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My all-time favorite dessert as a child

My all-time favorite dessert as a child was a banana pudding (or ice cream) that my great-grandmother made and put in metal ice trays to freeze. It had bananas mixed in it. I have looked for something similar for years but haven’t been able to find it. I think the Junket was banana flavored, but I’m not sure. This would have been about 1950, and my grandmother died a few years later. I would love to be able to make it now! — Jeanne
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The kids loved them

I used to put vanilla junket into wine glasses and use food coloring to make them different colors. The kids loved them (broke a lot of glasses – from 5 & 10). — Barbara
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I remember the distinctive flavor and color of Danish dessert

I remember the distinctive flavor and color of Danish dessert, yet it has taken me most of a week to remember what we called it. Now I’d like to make my favorite childhood meal for my grandkids [chicken & rice, and Danish dessert]. Do you know if this product [mix] available in the Kansas City area? — Nancy
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Not one of them forgets the flavor

I have purchased Danish desert in stores and specialty shops for many years. Now it has doped out of sight. No one stocks it any more. I have served raspberry Danish dessert to many groups in my home and not one of them forgets the flavor, and if they are to be in the next group to meet they ask if I will have Danish desert Now, that says a lot about it. — John
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